About Scott Buchanan

We want our designs to enhance and celebrate the lifestyle of each family.

A visionary custom home designer that creates tailor-made homes into a timeless masterpiece.

Scott Buchanan has been designing custom homes and high end remodels for the past 10 years with one goal in mind — creating a custom home to be filled with a lifetime of memories. Originally from southeast Texas, Scott has been serving the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex for over a decade, partnering with clients and builders to design a tailor-made home.

He believes that his work gives families the ability to enjoy the things they love in life, whether it’s a perfect size family room for holiday gatherings or a large outdoor living space to play with the kids. Buchanan has been in the industry for over a decade, creating a wide variety of homes. His variation of custom home design is unlike any other and thus has set him far ahead in the industry. He sees every edge, corner, and line to perfection, which is evident from his portfolio of work.

Scott’s first accomplishment was seeing his first house built, and since then, has set foot to start his own residential design studio.  His goals are simple. To provide clients with a stress-free experience and ensure that they are 100% with the service they’ve agreed upon.

When Mr. Buchanan isn’t working on designs, he is spending time with his wife and 3 kids. He enjoys golf and attending church with his family. In another lifetime Scott was a drummer.

In a nutshell, Scott Buchanan is a person that isn’t just a provider. He’s a friend, family man, thought leader, and passionate residential designer. He’s someone that can envision your needs to the smallest details and the greatest lengths. Upon scheduling a consultation with Scott, you will not only receive the best service but the best experience.